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Effective Public Relations Services and PR Strategies

Public Relations Services / PR

  • Community outreach

  • Crisis communications (please call for more)

  • Hospitality public relations

  • Influencer relations campaigns

  • Issues management

  • Internal communications

  • Media integration

  • Media Relations programs

  • Presentation and media training

  • Special event PR

  • Product Launch PR

360 Marketing & Advertising provides public relations services and PR strategies to its client partners ranging from effective media relations to award-winning influencer campaigns and other creative attention-getting strategies.

Earned media strategies are a key pillar of our innovative integrated marketing programs, but we also work with media publishers on paid media integration opportunities, incorporate social media campaigns and leverage our digital design, programming, and marketing services to make the most of every media placement.

Our public relations services start with sound research and strategy to ensure the right messages and stories are being told to your target audiences. Our media research tools allow us to track and analyze your media coverage against your key competitors and evaluate trends and opportunities for your news to stand out both to journalists and your target audiences. We are committed to developing measurable PR campaigns.

Yes, we “do press releases.” But that’s about one percent of what’s needed to develop an effective integrated communications strategy. We treat our client partners’ communications and public relations program as a process and not an event and focus on targeted story pitching and effective storytelling vs press releases and publicity for the sake of publicity. We also offer full media training and ongoing coaching to our client partner spokespeople to ensure that they are as effective as they can be when we put them in the media spotlight. More heads in beds? A journalist from CNBC once said, “if your pitch or a press release isn’t coming from a team I know and trust like 360 Marketing & Advertising, I just don’t open it.” Founded by locals, 360 knows that relationships are essential to getting stories told.

Fortunately, you can benefit from our relationships with the community, media, analysts, influencers, award panelists, and conferences by working with us. If you listen to How I Built This, the iconic podcast hosted by Guy Raz, you’ll find one distinct trend: every founder Raz interviews mentions a breakout media moment that put his or her brand on the map. With 360, you’ll have a team that has deep long-term relationships with top tier media outlets in order to gain credibility, validation, and trust with your target audiences.

We work diligently to understand and internalize our client partners’ industries, businesses, and products. Our practice areas are built around our core industry expertise and allow us to build deep relationships and stay ahead of changes in the media landscape. For example, our hospitality public relations practice works with influential freelance travel writers, editors of major travel publications, and major industry organizations and travel bureaus like Visit Utah, Visit Idaho, Visit San Diego, Tourism & Convention Boards, Seattle Travel, San Diego Tourism Authority, Society of American Travel Writers, and the International Food, Wine, and Travel Journalists Association.

The same can be said for our public relations practices specializing in locally owned business, B2B, healthcare, nonprofits, government, political campaigns, technology, and home services.

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