Our CEO, Tami Theobald, is the Co-Founder of Hometown Values Magazine, Owner of Hometown Media & Advertising, and Owner of 360 Marketing.


Hometown Values Magazine was founded by Deanna Theobald in Layton, Utah.

Deanna started this great magazine with a dream to help other small business owners in the community have affordable advertising, support local businesses and to give back to local families in the community. Originally Deanna started off by inserting a flier into grocery bags at the Layton Albertsons, and handing them out in the drive through of their small Layton restaurant. 


Deanna and her husband had just opened a small “Mom and Pop” restaurant in Layton, Burger Stop.  Deanna wanted to help her small business and others have affordable advertising.  Knowing very little about advertising, graphics, direct mail or printing. She set out on a mission to learn and help other business owners with advertising. While Deanna launched the magazine full time, Deanna’s husband remained in the restaurant industry full time managing restaurant chains including Skippers Seafood, Qdoba Fresh Mexican Grill. and a local Chick Fil A with their youngest daughter Danielle.


Hometown Values Magazine goes full color – Chantilly Mansion, Layton, was featured on the first full color 16 page magazine.



Tami Theobald joins Hometown Values Magazine.

Deanna, Tami’s mom gives her the title of Co-Founder shortly after the growth of the magazine. Tami starts her own business, Hometown Media Inc. DBA Hometown Media & Advertising as a digital marketing solution to go hand in hand with the Magazine.

When Tami started in 1999, the magazine was only publishing in the Layton (North Davis) area. Tami’s dream was to help local businesses, grow the magazine state wide, city by city, and eventually grow into other states. Her grand plan was inspired by previously working as a Regional Manager and Corporate Trainer placing marketing and advertising nationally with newspapers and magazines. After researching the few direct mail options or competition in Utah, Tami discussed with Deanna & decided it was time to make Hometown Values Magazine available state-wide.

They ran the magazine from Deanna’s kitchen counter until opening their first Davis County business office in 2001. As they expanded across Utah, they hired on sales representatives for the specific Utah cities and market areas, they brought on office staff and talented graphic designers, employing local people.


As the magazine and technology grew, so did Tami’s love for the business community. Joining and attending Chamber events, becoming a board member with various associations, charity groups and industry associations such as the Utah Ad Federation.


Tami and Designer Jacom Stephens worked to redesign the Hometown Values Magazine logo and front cover template. Giving it a fresh look and feel.


Tami decides to pay for a website out of her own pocket and works with Kirk Sanders developing a website for Hometown Values Magazine.

The original website launched fall of 2001. This brought more clients to Hometown Media for digital website development. Hometown Media built several local business websites including  www.HometownValues.netwww.RoostersBrewingco.comwww.RubyRiver.com and  www.MacCools.com, various political websites and many more over the years to come…


Tami develops and launches a statewide direct mail piece.

The “Statewide Inserts” gave large multi-location or destination clients a chance to have direct mail for a fraction of the cost.

With the launch of the HometownValues.net website, many clients Tami had been prospecting for years including,  the Utah Jazz, Lagoon, the Salt Lake Bees, Cherry Hill, Thanksgiving Point, and Gardner Village decided to advertise in Hometown Values Magazine. This was a huge step that gained popular publicity, even bringing on the start of political advertising campaigns for John Huntsman and Jim Hansen for Governor.  “Huntsman’s direct mail ad campaign that put him on every Kitchen Counter across Utah was brilliant.” Dan Jones & Associates, Salt Lake Tribune.


Utah Business Magazine awards Hometown Values Magazine as one of “TOP WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS” in the state.


Utah Business Magazine awards Hometown Values Magazine as one of “TOP WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS” in the state.


Mountain West Venture awards Hometown Values Magazine with “Utah’s TOP 100” – Deanna and Tami were among other amazing Utah business owners from Café Rio, Overstock.com, iboats.com and many more. Articles on this award were published in Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News & Standard Examiner.

While 2004 was a rewarding year for Hometown Values Magazine, it was also a challenging year for the Theobald Family. As Deanna and Tami received numerous awards for growth, Deanna’s husband was in and out of the hospital due to kidney failure. Deanna remained at his side relentlessly during his stay in the hospital at this fragile time. Tami worked day and night with the Hometown Values team to handle the growth and management of the magazine and her own digital advertising company. Their youngest daughter Danielle ran Mark’s Chick Fil A location and their son continued to run and manage Burger Stop full-time.


Utah Business Magazine awards Hometown Values Magazine as one of “TOP WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS” in the state.


Hometown Values Magazine is sold to the Deseret Management Corporation & (Media News Group) now the Huntsman Family, creating a new LLC Utah Media Partners.

Being honored and with Tami’s dreams of expanding the magazine out of state, Deanna decides to sell Hometown Values Magazine to Deseret Management Corporation and the Huntsman Family. With this, Deanna decides to retire. Tami is asked to take of the large task and remain on board Hometown Values Magazine, overseeing her clients in all of Davis and Weber County areas, while managing the entire production operations of Hometown Values, and the launch of a magazine division at the Tribune offices downtown SLC . Still continuing to maintain her own business Hometown Media.


Utah Business Magazine awards Hometown Values Magazine as one of “TOP WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS” in the state.


Tami and Hometown Media. Develop and create local businesses social media presence.

While attending a business seminar, Tami learns about the new Social Media platform “Facebook”. Wanting to test it out, Hometown Media. reaches out to several small business owners to build and develop business Social Media page for Burger Stop, Roosters, McCool’s and Great Harvest Bread. Today Hometown Media continue to build, develop, and place social media ads for local and national clients in a variety of industries.


The Calendar of Events launches on statewide Insert piece in Hometown Values Magazine and across social media.


Hometown Media starts MARKETING TRAINING

Tami and her team hosts quarterly  “Lunch & Learn” groups for businesses to learn more about social media, direct mail, website development, and the importance of content, branding, and the growing popularity of social media in business. This continues on a larger scale now called Marketing Bootcamps. Also offering in-house marketing training for businesses and their staff members.

December 2011

Deanna was asked to come out of retirement and back to work for Hometown Values Magazine as a sales representative for the Weber County market. Tami was ecstatic to have her mom back. It was at this time Deanna asked her husband Mark to join her and become a part-time sales team for the Weber County market.


Hometown Heroes / Hometown Headlines launches in Hometown Values Magazine

Tami set out to add local stories and positive content partnered with local cities, community events, Chambers, high school events, farmers markets etc to be acknowledged and  published in the magazine and on her individual social media sites locally.

April 2018

Deanna and Mark Theobald officially retire, since their 2012 return in Weber County.


Opportunity of being a Key Note Speaker

With an  invitation from a 20 year client (Jessen Oral Surgery), Tami was asked to be the key note speaker on digital marketing and advertising at Weber State University to a large group of Surgeons in the community. Which has led to more key note speaking events.

2017 - 2018

Hometown Media expands more into Political Marketing with additional referrals from previous candidates, helping them with videography, social media, email, text and direct mail campaigns.

Today, Hometown Values Magazine is a part of a large media conglomerate which includes a portfolio of magazines, print, niche publications, newspapers, websites, creative services and more. Enabling us to offer our small business clients more marketing services and media buys at a lower rate. 

…Through all the growing pains and the ups and downs of the economy, we are grateful for those that attributed to our history and success over the years…


So Many Milestones and people that touched our life over the last 20 years ~ here are a few of our team members and staff that were instrumental in our growth both with Hometown Values Magazine as well as my business Hometown Media.

Where they are now…. Andrea May (O.C. Tanner), Kirk Sanders (Saxton Horne/Utah Jazz Agency), Jeremy Peterson (Utah State Legislature)

Jacom Stephens (Avid Creative) ,Justin Richards (Adobe), Adam Gunn (Pluralsight), Spencer Brown (Pluralsight),


Memorable clients…

Fran Brown, Jenny Brown Scothern (GOAL Foundation), Cathy Tarbet (Great Harvest Bread), Dana Reid (LHM Advertising), Patrick Dickerson (ColdStone Creamery),  Steve Williams RIP (Thanksgiving Point) Kym Buttschardt (Roosters), J.Garn (Corbin’s Grille), Mick (MacCool’s), Dr. Aaron Barson (Surface Medical Spa ), Julie and Mark Taylor (Wasatch Eye), Dr. Mark Bailiff (Utah Eye Center), Sheldon Killpack (Lagoon), Ron Osborn (Batteries Plus), Walt McRoberts(EVP Media), Julie Taylor (Wasatch Eye), Danyelle (Hoopes Vision), Shane Jessen (Jessen Oral Surgery), Minky Couture, Annaalissa  B. (Sizzling Platter), Bruce Lloyd (Cherry Hill),  Joy Petro (Layton City), Bob Stevenson, Steve Handy (Utah State Legislature) and so many more over the years…


If you know me, you know I am so very passionate about helping others, having a solution when there is a problem for your business, and about helping our community.  Giving back, Paying it forward & supporting our community in every way I can. I grew up here, raised my family here and I feel I have been so very blessed to get to know so many of you over the years. Over the years, Working with business owners, their employees, families, spouses to put together successful marketing plans to help them grow. For all those that have welcomed me into their business and grown to treat me as a part of their work family, I am forever grateful.


Being a small business owner myself, I know first-hand how hard it is.

Through all the growing pains, the lessons learned, the ups and downs of the economy, the competition in this industry, the people that tried to claim our hard work as theirs and even the competition I UNKNOWINGLY trained when they worked for me, a hard lesson learned for a small business owner.  I will always truly appreciative for all those that attributed to our history, and success over the years.


I sincerely Thank, the entire community for loving our magazine, using the savings and  supporting local businesses.


To my loyal clients that from the beginning put hope, trust and faith in us to help your business succeed


My reward each and every day is hearing a business owner say, Thank you for helping me grow! When someone in our community says “I love Hometown, I read it all the time, I follow you on Facebook and Instagram too!” Watching families walk in our local Layton office to pick up extra magazines for the calendar of events and savings for the family… that’s rewarding!

Hearing from you all, That’s success to me! Hundreds of businesses the last 20 years, thousands and thousands of ads and marketing campaigns developed, 20 years of creative content, business logos, videos, photo shoots, watching your success, that’s what makes all the long hours’ worth it!”


Tami Theobald

Tami Theobald

Hometown Values Magazine Co-founder

Hometown Media Inc. Owner